Tuesday, March 22, 2016

For the first time...

I had the privilege of taking a newcomer to gun culture out to the range recently. What a joy that is to see every time! To see a man grab hold and embrace it is even better. For someone who hasn't pew pewed as much as us, you can damn well be sure that this guy will be back for more. He also got to shoot a G17, G26, Ruger P345, Colt 1911, Colt Targetsman, SKS, AR 223/5.56, and an AR in 7.62X39. 

He warned me that I was creating a monster... We shall see! 

Ain't we lucky we got em? Good times...


  1. There is no funner gun in the world than a good milsurp. The boys at my rod and gun club were out with their 'garbage rods' and SKS's...and having a friggin' ball! The ol' garbage rod looks like hell but a good one will shoot like a house on fire!

    We should have a blog shoot out, Stackz.

    1. Postal match? I'm a big fan of the x39 and 54r surps. So much fun for cheap!


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