Thursday, February 11, 2016

10 Things You May Not Know About Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on July 18, 1814. His patented revolvers, capable of firing multiple shots in quick succession without reloading, provided a crucial firepower advantage to settlers and soldiers who were expanding the United States westward in the 19th century. On the bicentennial of Colt’s birth, learn 10 surprising facts about the man who revolutionized the firearms industry.

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  1. A few other things about Colt Firearms; The "cap and ball" and "cat'redg" revolvers that made colt famous in the 19th century were not the only firearms colt manufactured in that era. Colt manufactured muskets both before and during the civil war. Single shot and double "sporting rifles" and shotguns until the 1890'2, when they put one of Browning's early "pumps" into production and even machineguns and light ships guns! Colt even made a leaver action rival to the Winchester for a short while. There was nothing that might make him more money that "Sam" didn't at least try. Many of the weapons and patents that Sam Colt tried out in his lifetime are now mostly forgotten rarities almost unknown today. I have shot and carried an original or reproduction of every colt firearm colt manufactured in his lifetime. I also own several flintlocks, and let me tell you that the "smoke wagon" was a game changer. They are MUCH easier to carry waterproof and reload than their reputation.---Ray


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