Friday, February 5, 2016

American expeditionary troops pose with their M1911's, 1918, France.


  1. Half these guys have their fingers on the trigger! LOL

    1. wonder they are all dead.....Soapweed

    2. I was thinking it could have been from combat or the fact that most of these Alpha men were of fighting man age at 17-30 years old in 1918 and it's been 98 years since then. But let's not let math get in the way of your joke here. Ha ha right?

    3. Actually I am pretty sure that "safety" wasn't the ridiculous mantra that everyone whines about these days. Those who shot themselves were ridiculed as idiots who should have been paying attention. There were no "movements" designed to keep people from paying for foolishness. Haver you ever watched a "gun video" where the presenter didn't go out of his/her way to show everyone how safe they were being? I'm surprised they don't all wear helmets every day.

    4. No shit man. I think that if you'd AD'd back in them days you probably took a serious ass whipping and then were ridiculed, then they let you go to sick bay to seek a Doc out.


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