Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some Rifles Never Get Old

I just spent some time shooting my old Marlin 336 (a lever-action .30-30). Every time I shoot it, I leave the range wondering why I don’t shoot it more often. It was my very first center-fire rifle, given to me by my grandfather, and it remains one of my favorites.

Almost any lever-action, regardless of the name rolled marked into the barrel, is a joy to shoot. They are light, quick, hard hitting, easy to shoot, and easy to carry. Sure, it isn’t the most flat shooting cartridge, but the zero is easy to remember and I can basically hold the sights on a 10″ target out to 200 yards.

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I absolutely agree. The 1964 Marlin Model 36 I use for brush hunting is lights out. I'll never get rid of it. Old guns are hard to beat!


  1. I've had my Old Mans Winchester 30-30 for years nd never put a round through it up until a couple of months ago.
    I took it and some other rigs out with some buddies for some target practice and couldn't hit the side of a barn with any of them. I dunno what the fuck that was about because in the past I could always at least hit what I was shooting at. Everything was off to the right with every gun. I'm wondering if my old eyes are getting fucked or if my dollar store glasses ain't cutting it. Either way, that fucking thing kicked like a Missouri Mule!! My 30.06 is the same way. Those steel butt plates gotta go!
    I couldn't fire either one of them more than 4 times because it was like getting hit in the shoulder with a fucking sledge hammer!
    I really like that 30-30 so I have to do something there, it's a sweet little rifle. The 30,06 is a Remington and I'm not so sure that one doesn't need to find a new owner. It's so damn cold and wet around here for 8 months out of the year that shooting outside for fun really isn't.
    I'm going to have to go to the range with a sand bag and sit down and figure out what the hell that pulling to the right shit was about. I really don't want to put a scope on the Winchester because the thing is so short, they are meant to be a Brush Gun in the first place.
    I hate getting old and decrepit dammit.

    1. Phil, I have the see through mount for my 3x9 Nikon that's on my Model 36. I like it sitting high because I'm such a big man, so a proper cheek weld isn't an issue for me, never has been. If I had a low profile mount that didn't allow the use of irons on it, I think I'd feel like I was holding a youth model. Sounds like your eyesight is causing the pulls to the right. You've been shooting much longer than me dude. That's what I'd go with... New Glasses for you!

  2. Spent some time with my 1892 in .357 mag this weekend. Damn fun gun to shoot.


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