Friday, February 5, 2016

Ahhhh, the 90's....

What a banger that thing is. I prefer the milled version as compared to the stamped. Hell, I'd take a stamped receiver too. The stamped receiver metal thickness was 1.6mm and most other stamped AK's have 1mm thick receivers. 

Why not go for a little more beef on your burger? 

The barrels are bit thicker too. The stamped MAK-90's have barrels that are .608" in diameter. The milled MAK-90's have a .615" diameter barrel. The milled receiver MAK-91 has a .684" diameter barrel and the NHM-91 RPK Clone has a .668 diameter barrel.

If you can find one, buy it. They shoot tight groups.

They are built like tanks and run like sewing machines with anything you feed it.

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