Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nicely built Savage 10 in .308

What would you name it?


  1. Is that yours, Stackz?

    We are too silly and unreasonable up in Canada to be trusted with suppressors and silencers which is too bad. Do they have an impact on accuracy...?

    1. Not mine Glen. But, I have something in the works. In the process of having my Trust set up so I can add some cool NFA stuff to it. As far as I know it doesn't impact accuracy, it just makes for a slower round since the ammo is subsonic. Subsonic keeps you from hearing the crack as it's below the speed of sound.

  2. i would name it george. i would love it and huge it and it would be my friend forever. if that's not asbestos wrapped around the can you could call it "hey, i'm over here, on fire." they get very hot.


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